Prin. Dr. Ashok A. Karande

Principal's Desk

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you all to our college website.

Prin. Dr. Ashok A. Karande is the Joint-Secretary Administration as well. He is a teacher who has been working in this Society since the beginning of his career at the Junior College, While Working as a teacher then, in the senior colleges of the Society he completed his Ph.d. in Phonetics.

Considering his honesty, hard work and interest in Administration, he was appointed as the Principal In Arts and Commerce college Kadepur.

He proved himself as the successful Principal, and hence, the Society asked him to shoulder the responsibility of the life membership, and the Head of Satara District. When there also, he proved to be the right person in the right place, the society entrusted him with very important responsibility of the Joint Secretary (Administration). Holding both the posts – Principal & Joint Secretary is a very difficult task, but he is giving full justice to both of them.